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True or False: Is Too Much Protein in Hair a Bad Thing?

Published 18/06/2024
True or False: Is Too Much Protein in Hair a Bad Thing?
Can Too Much Protein Damage Your Hair?

Protein treatments have long been valued for their ability to visibly strengthen hair, particularly beneficial for natural or textured hair that is prone to breakage. Proteins like keratin work by reinforcing the hair's structure, filling in weak spots along the hair shaft. They are essential for maintaining strong and healthy hair, particularly for those with natural or textured hair. It helps rebuild and reinforce damaged or weak strands. 

Can too much protein damage your hair?

Yes, excessive protein can compromise hair health. When there's an abundance of protein, the hair can become stiff, dry, and brittle. This lack of flexibility causes the hair to break more easily. If your hair feels tough, hard, and snaps easily, you might be experiencing protein overload. Conversely, if it feels mushy, stretches a lot, or looks overly limp, it’s probably time for a protein boost. Cécred has an innovative protein treatment—our Fermented Rice and Rose Protein Ritual—that caters specifically to those needing a stronger protein boost. If your hair is shedding as a result of hair shaft damage or breakage, this ritual is designed to instantly fortify the hair, significantly reduce shedding, and enhance shine. 


How do you help protein-damaged hair?

The key to restoring balance is reintroducing moisture. 

Use hydrating shampoos and moisturizing conditioners, and avoid protein-based treatments until your hair's balance is restored. Try cleansing your hair with Cècred's Hydrating Shampoo, a rich high-slip formula that will hydrate and soften the hair. Also incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments using Cécred’s Moisturizing Deep Conditioner that will give your hair deep hydration from the cortex to the cuticle. This formula includes ingredients like honey and shea butter, which are excellent for infusing moisture back into stressed strands. 

How do you know if your hair has too much protein or moisture? 

Your hair needs will change regularly based on lifestyle, diet, environmental stressors and styling choice; so evaluating your hair's condition regularly is essential. Hair with too much protein feels hard and breaks easily, while hair with a moisture-overload may feel overly soft, look limp, and lose its natural curl or structure. Achieving a healthy balance where the hair retains its natural elasticity, strength and shine is crucial. 


Can protein treatments cause hair shedding?

While aimed at strengthening the hair, because hair is made of protein, inappropriate use or excessive frequency of protein treatments can cause the hair to feel hard and dry, leading to hair breakage. It's important to follow recommended usage guidelines and pay attention to how your hair responds to protein treatments after use. Understanding your hair’s unique needs can help prevent protein overload while ensuring it remains healthy, strong, and beautiful looking. For the perfect equilibrium, Cécred product formulas are designed to maintain the ideal balance between protein and moisture. This ensures your hair receives everything it needs without the risk of overload. Educate yourself about your hair needs, and tailor your product use accordingly to avoid the pitfalls of too much protein or moisture. Explore our range of balanced treatments to find your hair’s perfect routine.

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