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The Science behind Bioactive Keratin Ferment

Published 18/06/2024
Exploring Bioactive Keratin Ferment: A Breakthrough in Hair Care
How Bioactive Keratin Revolutionizes Hair Repair

In the pursuit of healthier, more radiant hair, the beauty industry is constantly advancing. Our latest innovation, Bioactive Keratin Ferment, is at the forefront of this revolution. Found in our award-winning Reconstructing Treatment Mask, this patent-pending ingredient is redefining keratin recovery science through the power of fermentation, making it a game changing reconstruction treatment.

What is the Science Behind Hair Masks?

Hair masks are intensive treatment products designed to provide deep nourishment to the hair. The efficacy of these treatments depends on the quality and bioavailability of their ingredients. Traditional hair masks often use proteins that simply coat the hair strand, providing only superficial benefits. In contrast, our Bioactive Keratin Ferment, sourced from ethically sourced wool, undergoes a fermentation process. The molecular weight of our patent-pending keratin technology is small enough to penetrate deep into the cortex.

Do Hair Masks Actually Repair Hair?

Yes, but the extent of repair depends greatly on the ingredients used and how well they absorb into the hair strand. Cécred’s Reconstructive Treatment Mask is formulated with Bioactive Keratin Ferment, which mimics the natural protein structure of human hair. This compatibility allows the keratin to integrate into the hair fiber, effectively replenishing keratin proteins lost due to chemical treatments, environmental stressors, and daily styling, resulting in reduced damage, increased visible strength, and improved shine after 1 use.*

While there are various bond builders on the market, Cècred’s Reconstructing Treatment Mask is distinct. Popular bond builders primarily focus on molecular repair, but our formula is balanced with emollients that make it beneficial for curly and coily hair types. These emollients help to manage frizz and maintain hydration, crucial for the health and structure of textured hair. Furthermore, our mask replenishes the hair’s keratin, directly addressing damage. This improves the condition of broken bonds within the cortex resulting in stronger hair by replacing protein that is lost over time due to damage.

What Does a Restorative Hair Mask Do?

A restorative hair mask goes beyond superficial conditioning. It actively repairs damaged hair fibers, restores moisture balance, and revives elasticity. By replenishing the hair's natural proteins and balancing them with emollients, Cécred’s Reconstructing Treatment Mask fortifies each strand from the inside out, leading to visible improvement in strength, shine, and softness.

The Reconstructing Treatment Mask offers significant benefits, including deep nourishment and reduced breakage. The fermentation process not only ensures deeper penetration into the hair cortex but also enhances the absorption and utilization of the keratin by the hair. This scientifically backed approach delivers a real solution for those seeking to restore their hair’s strength and shine.

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