How to care for your hair during the summer

Published 18/06/2024
How to care for your hair during the summer
Our List of Summer Hair Care Tips

A step-by-step summertime hair routine.

Hair and scalp go through changes, just like us. When the weather shifts from cold to warm, factors such as temperature, sun exposure, and seasonal allergies can impact hair. You might notice more hair shedding and an oilier scalp because higher temperatures cause your body to produce more oil and can also trigger hair loss as your body adjusts to the new season. In addition, warmer temperatures can cause hair to become frizzier, or dry due to air conditioning. No reason to be worried! “These changes are normal and should settle down as your body gets used to the warmer weather,” explains Trichologist and Cécred’s Director of Education Dr. Kari Williams. 

Cécred is haircare you can use all year round. With slight tweaks, your hair can thrive no matter the month. Dr. Kari is going to teach us how to create a spring hair care routine and provide easy tips we can follow.

How do you get summer ready hair?

While getting ready to enjoy warmer weather, travel, and relaxation in the sun, we want hair that is effortless yet chic, and easy to take care of. To achieve this, you’ll need hair products that protect against humidity and maintain moisture. In addition, consider the impact of the sun’s UV rays as you begin to spend more time outdoors. UV exposure can weaken hair strands, causing dryness, breakage, and faded color. “Incorporating regular deep conditioning treatments can help enhance hydration, improve moisture, and keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant all season long,” says Dr. Kari. Regularly brushing your hair and checking your scalp will also help you to evaluate your needs.

What is a proper summer hair care routine?

A proper summer hair care routine can hydrate and seal in moisture during months when temperature and humidity fluctuate. Cécred’s Moisture Sealing Lotion locks in moisture, while giving your style a soft hold. Our Phyto-Seal Complex smooths the hair cuticle and fills microcavities. 

Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil also helps seal in moisture and gives hair a soft natural shine. When it comes to protection, the Hyssop extract within Nourishing Hair Oil is rich in antioxidants, which help protect the hair and scalp from environmental damage.

What are the basic summertime hair care tips?

  • Inspect your scalp and hair for oil production and dryness. 
  • Avoid overwashing. Use a gentle cleanser such as Cécred’s Hydrating Shampoo to balance moisture with hydration.
  • Apply a deep conditioner to restore moisture lost to dry indoor heating and prepare your hair for increased sun exposure.
  • Use a moisture-sealing lotion on washed and lightly dried hair to help keep your hair stay hydrated longer under springtime conditions. 
  • Use a hair oil to help smooth our frizz and add shine. Use a few drops to target areas more prone to damage.
  • Wear a hat or scarf to protect from sun exposure and humidity, or plan to bring one when spending extended time outside to prevent damage or color fading. 


Step 1: Clarifying Shampoo

Apply the Clarifying Shampoo and Scalp Scrub directly to the scalp. Massage gently into a lather. For maximum results, let the shampoo sit on the scalp for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly. This will help reset your hair’s natural balance and enhance the effectiveness of hydrating products. 

Step 2: Hydrating Shampoo

Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, then rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

After shampooing, apply the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner generously to your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends. Use a wide-tooth comb for even distribution. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. For added penetration use a hooded dryer, hair steamer, or cover with a warm towel. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 4: Moisture Sealing Lotion

Towel-dry hair gently after washing and conditioning. Apply a small amount of moisture-sealing lotion to damp hair, focusing on the ends and other damage-prone areas. 

Step 5: Nourishing Hair Oil

Warm a few drops of Nourishing Hair Oil in your palms and apply lightly throughout the ends of your hair. This will seal in moisture without weighing down the hair. This can be done on either damp or dry hair.

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