Meet Toyin

The sensory experience of Cécred brings Toyin back. The first time she smelled the peppermint and tea tree oil in our Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub, Toyin had memories of the mint leaf her mother would drop into tea made by her father. 

“My hair is my identity because it tells where I am in that time and place”

All the stages of Toyin’s life are reflected through her hairstyles. She is mother of three and works with children herself. Toyin is the daughter of African American and Nigerian parents. Growing up, she was a student-athlete which meant she was constantly looking for styles that fit her busy schedule and personal style. 

Toyin went on to spend 22 years in corporate settings. As she climbed the ranks, Toyin didn’t always feel she could wear her hair in all the styles she desired. Although she found ways to express who she is, she now wants her kids to know they don’t have to compromise the health of their hair (or self expression) to pursue their dreams.

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